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When you need urgent cash to budget a shortfall at short notice, My Next Pay should be your next stop. We offer payday loans that can help you deal with unannounced emergencies like in the case of a hospital bill or an urgent car repair.

What are Payday Loans in Alberta?

Payday loans in Alberta are short-term loans payable when you get your next paycheck. These loans are accessible to anyone in Alberta, regardless of their credit history, as long as they have a repayment plan in place.

Unlike traditional lenders, payday loan lenders don’t need collateral to approve your loan request. Additionally, you will not need a credit check to successfully make a payday loan application.

An Emergency Solution For Your Problems

Payday loans in Alberta from My Next Pay brokers are meant to help you sort your financial shortcomings that cannot wait until your next pay date. At My Next Pay, our entire loaning process is online. Borrowers can apply for a loan in the comfort of their homes without having to move from different physical locations.

Payday loans in Alberta don’t require a lot, but for one to qualify, some requirements are supposed to be met. The requirements are as follows:

  • Borrowers are supposed to be 18 years and above.
  • Borrowers should be permanent residents of Canada.
  • Borrowers should be employed for the last three months, with a steady source of income.
  • Borrowers are supposed to have lived in the same residential address for the last three months.
  • An active bank account is necessary since upon qualifying for a payday loan, deposits will be made to your account.

How to Apply for Payday Loans in Alberta?

My Next Pay, our security is updated regularly, and loan verification is done with absolute precision. 

We will require some documents from the borrower that will help us verify the applicant. The following documents are required during the application:

Photo Identification

Lenders need to confirm that you are the person you claim to be. Photo identification has details that can help verify it is you and not a case of identity theft. 

Details in a photo identity include your name, address, date of birth, residence area among others. Documents that can be used to prove identification are: 

  • driver’s license
  • passport 
  • university cards
  • military ID among others.

Residential Address

Lenders need to be comfortable when lending out money without including collateral. Sharing your current residential address builds trust. Lenders also need to know you have a stable living situation, hence the need to have lived in the same area three months before application. 

Acceptable documents to prove your address and the duration of your stay include a recent utility bill, a copy of your lease, your rental agreement, or any auto insurance that lists your address.

Bank Statements for the Last Three Months

Borrowers are supposed to have a stable source of income when applying for a payday loan in Alberta. Without any income source, it will be hard for them to repay their loan. Bank statements show your regular income and help lenders decide how much you qualify for when you apply. 

Statements also prove that you have a bank account that has been active for the last three months. Bankrupt borrowers will be turned down since they are considered not to have any means of repaying the payday loan.

Pay stubs

Pay stubs entail details about your employment. For one to be able to apply successfully, the borrower should be employed for the last three months and have a stable source of income. That way, the lender will be sure the loan will be repaid.

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Application Process for Payday Loans in Alberta

Filling Out the Forms

The application starts by visiting our website and filling out our forms. Applicants are supposed to fill in the amount of loan applying for, full name, contacts including phone number and email address, date of birth, and employment information.


After filling out the forms, submit them for verification.

At My Next Pay, we are aware of online fraud and identity theft. These threats are the reason why we do extensive verification on loan applications. Borrowers’ details only go through staff members and the manager for maximum security.

Signing the Payday Loan Agreement

After your application has been verified, you will receive a loan agreement that contains your loan details, interest payable at your next payday, and your loan duration. Read it carefully, if you’re okay with the terms, sign the agreement and send it back to us.

Direct Deposit to Bank Account

Upon receiving your signed loan agreement, a direct deposit will be initiated. Funds will be sent to your account as soon as possible. Funds received are usually ready for use, you won’t have to wait for several working days like in conventional lending institutions.


Why Choose My Next Pay for Your Online Payday Loans in Alberta?


We have over 12 years of experience in offering quick financial solutions to our Canadian clients. Our business practices are as per the requirements of the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act and the rules of the Payday Loans Act.

Therefore, as one of the top payday lenders in Alberta and Canada, we do not charge exorbitant maximum allowable cost on any personal loan. Unlike banks that only provide high-cost credit, we provide you with online loans at an affordable rate.

Fast and Efficient

Applications that are done at our offices take less than 30 minutes to be processed, and you receive your funds. For online applicants, applications done before 11 AM, funds will be wired directly into your bank account the same day. Applications done past 11 AM will receive their funds not more than 24 hours after application.

Furthermore, our excellent customer service team will do everything to ensure that you are comfortable with our products.

Direct Bank Deposits

Applications from those who receive their salaries are received through direct deposit. For entrepreneurs, contact us for more information.

Lending According to Your Needs

We have a responsible lending policy where we award payday loans in Alberta according to your ability to repay with ease. In the event of payment difficulties, a repayment agreement is done by discussing the next repayment terms with the borrower. Interest may accumulate based on the remainder of the unpaid capital and the duration of the delay.

Get Online Payday Loans in Alberta Today

My Next Pay is now available for Alberta residents. You can receive unsecured payday loans in Alberta that don’t require a credit check and are at affordable rates. Feel free to call us for more information. 

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