Payday loans in Quebec 


Most people end up getting stuck when emergencies arise.Payday Loans in Quebec can help. Sadly, some emergencies can’t wait until you receive your paycheck. Loans from conventional lenders might not be helpful since they take several days to process your them. Furthermore, many people end up not qualifying due to several requirements from conventional lenders. Here’s where payday loans are helpful

What are Payday Loans in Quebec?

Don’t give up when you have a poor credit score and no security to secure a traditional loan. Some lending institutions help borrowers sort out their financial difficulties by offering short-term loans. A payday loan is a small amount of money lent to borrowers at some rate, payable on their pay dates. My Next Pay Day is an online lending institution that offers payday loans to the residents of Quebec.

My Next Pay has over 12 years of experience in the loaning field. We aim to help borrowers sort out their financial problems and get back to their feet. Residents of Quebec are now entitled to borrow personal loans at affordable rates from My Next Pay.

Advantages of payday loans in Quebec

Payday loans, apart from being a short-term financial solution also come with several advantages. These advantages are:

  • Quick processing
  • Fewer requirements
  • Insecured Loans
  • The loan is possible even with a bad credit

Quick processing

Bad credit payday loans can put you out of a financial crisis or need some quick cash. At My Next Pay, our loans only take some hours after application to be directly deposited in your bank account. Therefore, online payday lenders like us are lifesaving compared to traditional lenders, who take several days to approve loans. Your loan might take forever and get turned down in the end due to many requirements.

Fewer requirements

Payday loans are easy to qualify for. The loan requires proof of your identity, and you are good to go. Conventional lenders, on the other hand, have a lot of requirements for a cash advance. Borrowers are required to carry around tons of documentation.

The credit history is checked when applying for traditional loans, and the loans need to be secured. Payday loans don’t require all this to get you a loan. Payday loan lenders can offer a quick cash loan program regardless of your credit rating.

The online loans are unsecured

When applying for a traditional loan, lenders ask for collateral for you to qualify for a loan. With collateral, these lenders don’t need you to worry about how to repay the loan because you have already paid with your assets for them. For a payday loan, no security is needed since the loan works with a client lender’s trust.

Get a payday loan with bad credit

Credit scores in Canada range from 300 to 900. An average credit score is around 650. Below 560 means you cannot afford to repay the loans in the eyes of some lenders and creditors. At My Next Pay, loans are awarded to everyone, even with a bad credit score.

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How to Apply for a Payday Loans in Quebec?

Online payday loans are fast and efficient. It is easy to apply and get approved for a loan in a matter of minutes. Application is simple and can be done in the comfort of your couch. The following is the process involved in a payday loan application.

Register online

Our registration forms are found on our website. Select page payday loans and fill out the registration form with the loan amount you want to borrow, and your personal details. The details you share about yourself include your:

  •  Name
  •  Email
  •  Personal contact
  •  and your employment information. 

Since payday loans are unsecured, it is upon the lenders to calculate the probability of a loan to be repaid. Verification assists us in confirming if the borrowers are who they claim to be. 

Photo identity

Photo identity helps confirm your identity. It contains your photo, name, and address. We use this to help curb identity theft that has been on the rise on the internet lately. In addition, a driver’s license, military ID, state-issued identity, among others, can be used to verify your identity.

Bank statements

Bank statements contain information about your active bank account and is where your funds will be directly deposited. Borrowers are advised to share a bank account that has been active for the last three months. Statements can also tell if you have a source of income and are not in a bankrupt position. 

Current location

You can prove that you are in a stable living condition by showing that you have lived three months in the exact same location. Lenders are comfortable lending to someone with a stable home and a stable income. Documents that can show proof to address are:

  • Utility bills
  • Rental agreements
  • Or auto insurance listing your address and name

Wait for approval

Your credentials will be verified through multiple platforms to ensure you are who you claim to be. After the details have been checked out, we will make a deposit.

Get your funds

Upon approval, a direct deposit is made to the account you shared. Funds can be used once they reflect in your account. It is better than traditional lenders who make you wait for several days or even weeks.

Why choose My Next Pay for your Payday Loans in Quebec

MY Next Pay is dedicated to serving residents of Quebec, helping them get back to their normal activities. Our payday loans help many people, especially those caught off guard and can’t wait until their next pay date. Our online payday loans in Quebec come at a reasonable rate that you can pay without difficulties. 

Contact us now and sort out your financial emergencies

We aim to get you out of a financial crisis and not add more stress to your situation. We also help lenders manage their finances so that repaying the loans might not be a problem and help borrowers not land in a payday loan cycle. Our credit counseling program ensures our clients are informed about their loans. Anytime you need extra cash at short notice, take a loan with us and experience world-class services.

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