Instant loan without documents

Before approving a loan, financial institutions typically investigate your credit report. You must be patient as it may take several days before you can get your money. If you need the money as quickly as possible to cover urgent expenses, there is a way to solve your situation: the instant loan without documents.

What is an instant loan without documents? 

This type of personal loan is used to pay for expenses that need to be covered right now. The simplicity of the credit process is the primary reason people apply for an instant loan without documents. When you complete your application, you can receive your money directly into your bank account within 24 hours. 

An instant loan without documents also has the advantage of being granted without a credit check. Your credit history shouldn’t affect your chances of getting money when you need it most. This is why we use criteria other than credit rating to grant a loan.

What are the criteria for a loan without documents? 

You must have lived at the same address and have been working full-time for more than 6 months. You must also not be insolvent or in bankruptcy.

How to complete your short-term loan application? 

You can fill out your loan application online using our form. We will ask you to send us the following documents: 

  • Check specimen 
  • Your last two pay stubs 
  • Proof of address 
  • The last 90 days of your bank statement 
  • Proof of social insurance number
  • Two pieces of photo identification

Once you’ve completed the application, we’ll respond to you the same day. We accept microloans varying between $300 and $3,000. 

Need a loan for any project ?

How is the repayment made? 

The repayment for your instant loan without documents comes with an interest rate of 15%. The amortization schedule should last a maximum of 2 years. 

You can pay interest only on your next payday after applying for the loan. You can also decide to repay the capital to reduce it. Finally, the last option is to repay all of your principal with interest. 

Get an instant loan without documents with My Next Pay! 

For over 12 years, My Next Pay has been assisting its customers by providing them access to instant loans when they need them the most. Whether for a short-term loan, a payday loan or a no credit check loan, we will find the solution that suits your needs. 

We are committed to providing financial services that align with our clients’ expectations. If you need an instant loan without documents, chat with us now. We will be at your disposal and will answer all your questions with great pleasure.