Cash Advance

Need money immediately? Make your request online!

Obtaining a loan via a bank is sometimes very complicated, so it is often easier to apply for a cash advance directly online with Mynextpay. In addition to the complexity, when you take out a loan through a bank, the funds usually arrive two weeks after your application has been accepted. While online with a cash advance application, the money can be made available the same day.

Why choose Mynextpay for a cash advance?

1. Receive up to $1500 in loans

2. Speed of service

3. Security and confidentiality assured


Money when you need it.

We are familiar with this kind of situation. When you apply for a loan for an urgent need, the money has to arrive quickly and not after two weeks as with a loan via a classic way like a bank. At Mynextpay your request will be processed quickly and the money is often sent the same day.


To meet your needs perfectly

With a possible loan starting at $300 and going up to $1500, we offer more than our competitors! We can therefore adjust more easily to your needs. It’s possible because we have high credit limits, starting with the first loan.


Offering fast cash as quickly as possible anywhere in Canada is the primary objective of Mynextpay. There are no upfront fees to pay and under no credit check. You will also get a quick response from one of our experienced brokers: less waiting and more efficiency! In addition to our experience, Mynextpay’s strength comes from our network of lenders built over the years and willing to help you.

The process to receive a fast cash advance must be simple and efficient. We are therefore committed to providing you with a level of service quality that meets your expectations, so that it won’t be long and complicated for you. In fact, as soon as we approve it, we make the transfer to send you the funds as quickly as possible.
However, please note that when you use a fast cash advance like at Mynextpay, it is important to be financially responsible. You will save money if you avoid being late, as you will not be penalized by late fees or overdraft charges.



It’s a loan that is taken out to pay for unexpected expenses, emergencies, NSF cheques or late penalties. They are very useful when faced with an unexpected and immediate financial situation. However, they should not be contracted for a long-term solution.


Our loans vary between $300 and $3000.


Even if getting a cash advance is easier than taking out a loan from a bank, some criteria must be met:

  • Have been working full-time for at least 6 months
  • Living in the same place (same address) for at least 6 months
  • Do not have a wage garnishment or be bankrupt
  • Receive your salary by direct deposit or cheque
  • Be able to provide us with a checking account that has been valid for at least 3 months.
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