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Payday Loans and Cash Advances in Canada

Do you have a negative history related to your past credit? Do you want to get a second chance to start over with your credit in Canada? Are you facing emergency expenses, but you’ve run out of money until your next payday?
Contact us now! We can help you. We have a wide range of short-term lending services, specially offered to get you out of a rough patch: salary advances, payday loans, or cash advances.

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Privacy issues? MyNextPay is on the cutting edge of technology. We only use the latest tools to keep all your information confidential at all costs.

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You can receive your money in less than 24 hours following your application.

No credit check or verification

Regardless of your credit rating or the state of your credit history, your application can be approved even if you’ve declared bankruptcy.


The loan is due on your next payday.

Financing fees

The amount of the loan fees, which combine brokerage fees and interest, is set at $15 per $100 of principal due per week.

Range of repayment options

The minimum weekly financing fees are set at $75. If your salary is paid biweekly, the minimum financing fees are therefore $150.

First option: you initially pay only the minimum weekly financing fees on your first payday following the loan.

Second option: you pay the minimum weekly financing fees along with a portion of your principal to reduce its amount.

Example: $75 in minimum weekly financing fees + $125 in principal for a total payment of $200

Third option: you fully pay the principal and the financing fees all at once to close the account.

Example: $75 minimum repayment fee + $500 loan for a total of $575 in one week.


Repayment terms

As this is a short-term loan, the repayment is made on the date of your next paycheque. You don’t have to pay a fixed amount on each due date. As long as you pay back some of your principal on your next payday, you can rest easy.


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