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Payday Loans

Looking for cash in a hurry from the best online payday loan provider? A salary or a single source of regular income alone may not be enough to cover an unforeseen expense like medical expenses and others from time to time.

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Bad Credit Loans

Financial institutions consult your credit report before approving a loan. Bad credit loans do not involve a credit check as credit check loans do. Your credit score will not impact your chances of obtaining money rapidly.

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Personal Loans

A perfect way to get out of a troubled financial situation and get started again.

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Short Term Loans

To pay for an urgent cash need, a short-term loan is perhaps the most appropriate solution compared to any other traditional loan.

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Fast money loans and cash advances in Canada.

Having financial problems? Do you have a negative credit history and you are in need of urgent money? Do you want a second chance to get back on track with your credit in Canada? Are you facing emergency expenses while running out of funds before your next payday?

Contact our customer service representatives in our business hours now to get credit online fast! We can help you. We have a wide range of short-term loan services, specially offered to get you out of a bad situation: payday advance, payday loan, quick loan, cash advance, debt consolidation. Your money will be deposited directly into your bank account as soon as possible. Just fill-in our online application form and accept the payday loan agreement.


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Privacy issue? My Next Pay is state-of-the-art. We use only the latest tools to keep all your information confidential at all costs with our secured online loan application.

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You can receive your single payment payday loan online via Interac e-transfer within 24 hours of your payday loan application. Our payday loan approval process is quick and easy.

No credit check inquiry

No matter what your credit score or credit history, you can be approved even if you’ve been bankrupt in the past or had problems with credit card companies.

Examples of fast money loan payment plans

A $300 loan with an 18% APR is a weekly payment of $46.22. This example includes all fees and charges added to the capital borrowed.

Quick Money Loan Flexible Repayment Options

Our equal instalment loans are repayable within 6 months.

Interest Rate

We provide lower rates of interest than any of the other payday loan providers or financial institution. You can repay your loan with an interest rate of 12% with the best loan term.

Our range of services:

Quick loans

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Rebuild your credit

For a good credit rating.

No credit check loans

No subsequent verification.

Debt consolidation

One loan to settle everything.

Bad credit loans

Money when you need it most.