Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We are very aware that fraud and identity theft is a growing problem on the internet. As such Mynextpay is committed to provide a secure internet environment to all our customers.

We strongly believe it is our duty to protect your personal and banking information as we would our own. Our company only allows your information to be viewed by staff members and managers. All our staff goes through extensive background checks before a position is awarded. We diligently follow this policy regardless of whether you are an active or inactive customer.

As a customer, you provide us with personal information therefore all our websites utilize SSL encryption, the highest level of security as the banks do. Our security is upgraded daily so as ensure the continuous privacy of our customers information.

We do not provide any information about you or regarding your file to anyone but yourself. Expect test questions when you call in to verify your identity.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.


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