No Credit Check Loans

Lending Money with No Credit Check Loans

The mistakes you have made in the past should not be an obstacle when applying for a loan in banks. That’s why at Mynextpay, the loans you make with us are no credit check loans. This makes us a unique and the best loan provider.

Why Choose Mynextpay?

We are committed to the confidentiality of your private life and all related sensitive data. Our priority is the security of your data!

Do you have poor credit? No worries, at Mynextpay, Canada, our lenders are willing to help you even with bad credit scores provided that you will follow the repayment terms.

We do not conduct any credit check investigations when you apply for a quick cash loan.

What is a Credit Check?

Before approving a conventional bank loan amount, the lender will evaluate your bank statements and credit rating. The lender will then use the credit report and other financial data to decide whether or not to grant you the loan. At Mynextpay we do not conduct a credit investigation!

Credit Investigations Can Affect your Credit Rating

When you apply for classic loans in Canada, a credit score investigation is launched. This one, whether or not you have obtained the loan, is recorded on your file. A credit score investigation will therefore appear on the credit report and remain there for 2 years, which can negatively affect your credit rating.

Why Use Loans Without a Credit Report?

One of the big advantages of using personal loans without a credit report is that they are based on the income you earn and not on your credit history thus providing you the best interest rates. As soon as you send in the necessary documents like your credit card and prove that you have the ability to repay, they get approved within 24 hours as payday loans.

Time to Transfer the Money

All online applications completed and approved before 11 a.m. EST are processed the same day. You will therefore receive the personal loan the same day on your bank account because of the fast approval. If the application is made after 11 am EST, the funds can be deposited into your bank account up to 24 hours after the application.

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A short-term loan, what is it?

It is a payday loan that is used to solve an urgent, short-term financial problem.

What can my short-term loan be used for?

Your short-term loan or payday loan can be used for a variety of reasons, such as to pay a bill, cover unexpected expenses, pay a debt, or even to avoid charges following an NSF payment among other essential payments.

When will I get an answer?

One of our Canadian customer service providers will call you or send you an email within an hour of you sending your application in order to process it as efficiently as possible and facilitate the application process. Our offices are open Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm (EST). Requests made outside of these hours will be processed the next business day.

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