Fast Cash Loan

Do you need quick financing in Canada? A fast cash loan might be the solution. It is a short-term loan designed to cover unexpected expenses, which the borrower must repay by the next payday.

What Is a Fast Cash Loan and How Does It Work?

A fast cash loan is a short-term loan usually ranging from $100 -$1000

You can apply online for fast cash loans and receive approval in less than 1 hour. However, this means they come with very high interest rates. So, review thoroughly the terms and conditions of any fast cash loan before you apply.

Who Can and Should Use a Fast Cash Loan?

If you are behind on your bills or face unexpected emergencies, such as your car breaking down, a fast cash loan would be ideal. Fast cash loans are best in such situations because the need is immediate. However, if you have a non-immediate need, for example, getting a new car, a fast cash loan may not be the best option. 

As for eligibility, anyone above 18 years of age in Canada can obtain a fast cash loan

How to Get a Cash Loan in Canada in 2021?

Step 1: Apply

Most fast cash loans can be applied for online. You just need a computer and an internet connection. If you cannot fill an online application, you can go in-store or do it over the telephone.

Step 2: Decision

The lender will review your application to determine if you qualify. Online applications are processed faster, and you can get your approval within minutes and at most within 24 hours. For in-store applications, they take longer to be approved.

Step 3: Documentation

The lender will document the loan, amount, interest rates, terms, and conditions and give the borrower a copy to sign and agree.

Step 4: Cash In

Once all the documents are signed and finalized, the lender will deposit the cash into the applicant’s checking account.

Step 5: Repayment

The borrower is to pay back the fast cash loan in line with the agreed terms and conditions. In case of default, the lender will institute penalties as stipulated in the contract.

Factors to Consider about Cash Loans

Interest rates

Fast cash loans have significantly higher interest rates compared to short-term loans and credit cards. Therefore, shop around and weigh your options before taking out a fast cash loan. 

Debt cycle

Many borrowers find themselves trapped in a cycle of debt. On payday, they are paying off their loans and are left with little money to live on. In most cases, borrowers ask for extensions on these loans. The lender then charges late payment penalties and fees. The borrower then borrows other loans to keep up with payments of the existing loans. So, the debt cycle keeps repeating itself.

Predatory practices

Thoroughly read through contracts and ensure you deal only with vetted lenders for your protection. Also, look out for misleading marketing to protect yourself from predatory lenders who like to extort uninformed borrowers. 

Cash Loans Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get an Instant Cash Loan with Bad Credit?

Yes, you can obtain one. Fast cash loans typically don’t require credit checks. Therefore, even with bad credit, you are eligible. The downside is that you will pay high interest rates.

What Do I Need to Get a Cash Loan?

You will need a government ID, proof of income, and an active bank account.

How Much Money Can I Borrow with a Fast Cash Loan?

It all depends on your income and the lender. If you have a high income, a lender will tend to loan you more. Also, some lenders lend more compared to their competitors. So, do your research to find a lender who offers more.

What Cash Loans Are the Best Alternative to Payday Loans?

Although payday loans are convenient and fast, they are expensive. One of the best alternatives is a personal installment loan. They offer more money and longer terms for repayment.

Credit cards are also a suitable alternative if you have a good credit score. Since most credit cards come with a cash advance option, you can transfer the money to your chequing account. However, note this comes with its terms and conditions, unlike using your credit card to purchase goods.