Bad credit loans in Alberta


Bad credit loans in Alberta from My Next Pay provide an easy and safe way to secure funds quickly, even with poor credit. How is that possible? My Next Pay understands that individuals can face challenging moments in their financial lives. No judgment, just a helping hand for you to settle your debts or invest in a project.

What are bad credit loans in Alberta with My Next Pay?

Our values are straightforward: we respect our customers, our employees, and all entities we collaborate with.. As simple as that. Our main goal is to help people struggling with their finances with bad credit loans in Canada when traditional lenders have let them down. And to complete our mission, we work very hard to:

  • Approve quickly different types of loans for all budgets (skip the banking system’s excruciating wait)
  • Simplify loan processes
  • Offer transparent and fair service at all time
  • Providing emergency cash to every applicant, whatever their financial profile
  • Deploy high ethical principles towards our customers and partners

Who are we? Why do we offer bad credit loans in Alberta?

Anyone can face financial challenges. We think that everyone, needing a second chance at getting a loan, should be helped. Bank loans can be tricky to get if your credit score is low. With all of these factors, we decided to help people who need it the most by providing fast loans for bad credit in Alberta to help them get back on track.

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Do you need money fast?

We completely understand that life isn’t just about paying bills. Humans have basic emotional and social needs as well:

  • Providing for family members with low source of income
  • Pay education fees for the kids
  • Health care expenses for your family and pets

While our requirements as a lender are straightforward, you’ll need to complete a form before we can offer you a loan. Also, a few requirements will have to be met, like:

  1. Be able to provide proof of employment (and receiving your monthly income by direct deposit)
  2. Living at the same address for 6 months
  3. Having a checking account at a bank or credit union
  4. Social insurance number
  5. Address (of the past 6 months)
  6. Recent ID photo
  7. Your last 2 pay stubs
  8. Bank statements (3 months)
  9. A voided cheque

You can expect an answer from us within 24h.

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Why and when to use bad credit loans in Alberta?

Naturally, a poor credit score can hinder your ability to achieve important financial goals. This can be frustrating, as hard work is needed to make our dreams come true, but we often need more resources to evolve in the world. Overall, everybody wants stability, a nice place to live and a good life. Sometimes, a loan can give you that extra help to accomplish any dreams you have for yourself, and for your loved ones.

Younger people, students and all Canadian citizens with bad or non-existing credit history can apply for a loan with our private lenders. It might just be the little push you need to make your life more stable, or to start building something in your new country or adult life.

Despite their best efforts, some individuals might struggle to cover rent, bills, and unforeseen expenses. That’s the reason why My Next Pay wants to help by providing bad credit loans in Alberta. In a matter of minutes, you can apply for the loan, select your borrowing amount, provide some personal details and finally get access to cash.

Who can get a bad credit loan in Alberta?

The first thing you need to know is that we do not perform credit checks when you submit your online application for bad credit loans in Alberta. The reason for it is quite simple: credit checks lower your credit score even further, and we want to make sure to avoid that for you. We are here to help, not to make you suffer more financially! Paradoxically, being refused loans can spiral you into even more poverty and ordeals.

Therefore, if you have an urgent need to get some cash, we have what you need. Your bad credit loan is deposited into your active bank account in less than 24 hours with no credit check!

When can bad credit loans be helpful?

If you need to make a payment on time without the risk of penalties from credit check inquiries, contacting our online lenders is the best way! But also:

  • Avoiding service disruption (cell phone, energy bills, etc.)
  • Paying your rent in time
  • School fees or supplies

If you need some quick cash to cover any unexpected expenses, apply for a bad credit loan in Alberta with My Next Pay. When you send your online loan application for this loan option, we won’t ask you what you plan to do with the cash. In fact, we’re not here to judge you, but help you get out of your financial trouble.

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Bad credit loans in Alberta for unforeseen expenses

Are you often short at the end of the month? Or maybe you just had an unplanned expense you need to settle fast? The following events are commonly reason why people apply for bad credit loans in Alberta with our experienced lenders:

  • Vehicles repairs
  • Household expenses such as a leaking roof
  • Medical problems not covered by your insurance policy (psychologist, eye exams, dentist, etc.)
  • Natural disaster (flooding, wind damage etc.)
  • Funerals
  • Vet bills
  • School tuition and fees
  • Tax increases

Top reasons to get bad credit loans in Alberta with My Next Pay

All our bad credit loans in Alberta have no hidden fees and charges. We are a 12-year-old business that always puts the borrower first in order to help them get the financial relief they need. Our loan repayment options and our philosophy have contributed to us having good relationships with our borrowers, whatever their situation is. Our system is well-built, and it proves to be very helpful and positive for all parties involved.

Rebuild your current credit score with a loan

Finally, a bad credit score can only be fixed by rebuilding it. Each time you repay a loan, your score levels up. It’s never too late to improve your credit score.

Do you have questions about bad credit loans in Alberta?

If you need any information concerning our bad credit loans in Alberta, you can always contact us directly if you need to discuss your specific situation. It is always a pleasure to help you get some financial relief. If you need to talk to one of our online lenders, you can email us or contact us through our website!

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