How to Improve Your Credit Score ?

improve your credit score

A bad credit report harms your chances of getting access to a loan from your financial institution. Conversely, a good credit rating lets you access loans at better rates. But how can you improve your credit score? Here are 9 tips to get there.

1. Make a budget to improve your credit score

The first thing to do to rebuild your credit score is to make a budget. This will allow you to identify the causes that led to your over-indebtedness so that you can get back on your feet.

2. Pay your credit card balances in full and on time

Paying the minimum on your credit card is better than nothing. However, to improve your credit score, it’s strongly recommended to pay the full balance on your credit card. You should also pay your credit balance on time—that is, before the due date—to avoid delays.

This will allow you to avoid paying high interest rates. You will also improve your credit score, because you demonstrate your ability to pay your balance in full.

3. Don’t use your full credit limit

To the extent possible, try to use less than half of your credit limit. For example, if you have a $3,000 credit limit, don’t use more than $1,500. 

4. Keep your old accounts open to improve your credit score

To improve your credit rating, it’s best to have a long credit history. This helps demonstrate that you are capable of being financially stable. If you change banks, try to keep your old accounts open for as long as possible. This will have a positive impact on your credit score. 

5. Check your credit report

It’s important to check your credit report to ensure that it doesn’t contain any errors. You can do this by contacting the Equifax or TransUnion credit bureaus. 

6. Avoid taking out multiple credit cards

To improve your credit score, it’s best not to have multiple credit cards. For many people, this leads to debt. In addition, if you have several types of identical loans from several different credit cards, this can have a negative impact on your rating. Settle for just one credit card, therefore: the one you have kept the longest.

7. Avoid filing multiple loan applications

An excessive number of loan applications can affect your credit rating, especially if these applications are rejected. Avoid applying for a line of credit just to see if it will be approved, therefore, or applying for a new credit card just to get a discount.

8. Vary your loans

Try to vary your loans (car loan, mortgage, credit card balance). This shows that you are capable of handling multiple payments on time.

9. Apply for a credit card to improve your credit score 

It’s possible to rebuild your credit by applying for a secured credit card. This works the same way as a debit card. The money that you deposit corresponds to the credit limit that you can use. This is useful when financial institutions refuse to give you a credit card.

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