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Researching where to find the right bad credit loans in Ontario lender can be stressful. It is more complicated when you don’t have a good credit score. Low credit scores can severely impact your access to financial products, so it’s crucial for all Canadians to know their credit score through a credit report from the Credit Bureau and improve it.

Even though most traditional lenders will turn you away due to a bad credit score, My Next Pay brokers have you covered. Since credit checks are not required, these loans tend to be processed very quickly.

What it Means to Have Bad Credit Score

When in need of a personal loan to fund your expenditures, be it a medical bill or a mortgage, most lending institutions will need to check your credit history. Conventional lenders issue loans that depend entirely on your credit score strength. 

How a Credit Score Works

Above A 700 Score

The credit score is distilled into a three-digit number which represents an evaluation of the borrower’s expense patterns and the ability to repay debts such as mortgage and home equity loans.

For lower rates and easier loan approval, borrowers should have a higher credit score. The credit score is rated between 300 and 900. A score above 700 is a high credit score and gives you the best loan terms.

Below A 700 Score

Scores between 700 and 500 always attract high-interest rates. Collateral is also required when taking a loan with a score between 700 and 500. Loan applications with scores below 500 are rejected. A credit score below 500 is rated as a poor credit and traditional lenders will reject your application.

Why My Next Pay is Different

My Next Pay is a bad credit loan lender. Whether you have a poor credit history or not, you can apply for a loan with us. Like other top payday loan companies, we provide bad credit loans in Ontario. We don’t need collateral for your loan application to be approved, even if your credit report states your score is poor.

Types of Online Bad Credit Loans in Ontario

There are different types of bad credit loans offered at My Next Pay. The following are types of bad credit loans in Ontario we offer at My Next Pay.

Emergency Online Cash Advance in Ontario

Instead of taking several workdays to process your loan application in time of emergencies, an online payday loan gets you the amount you need instantly. 

My Next Pay offers instant cash that helps you sort out your emergencies on time. Our online platform has made the entire application process easier. The verification process lasts for a few minutes, then your funds will be ready in your account.

No Credit Check Loans for Bad Credit Loans in Ontario

A credit check is not required when applying for a bad credit loan in Ontario. My Next Pay only requires proof that a borrower can repay the loan and your application will be approved. 

Bank statements and pay stubs for the last three months provide proof that a borrower is not bankrupt and has a stable source of income. If you ever get stuck and require quick financial assistance, no credit check loans will help you out.

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Difference Between Traditional Lending and Bad Credit Loans

Traditional lenders

Traditional lending institutions only deal with clients that have a good credit score. They also require collateral for your loan application to be completed and approved. This is mostly required for individuals with an average credit score between 700 and 500. 

Collateral needed with Traditional Lenders

Collateral is an item of value that a lender can seize from a borrower if they fail to repay a loan according to the loan agreement terms. It acts as a guarantee that the lender will receive the amount lent to the borrower if they fail to repay the loan.

When your loan gets approved by traditional lenders, you will have to wait for several working days for your loan to be disbursed in your bank account. The loans delay since your application has to be verified by various individuals and funds are not directly deposited.

Bad Credit Loan Lenders

Bad credit lenders don’t require a borrower’s credit history. At My Next Pay, borrowers with a poor credit history or no credit history at all can qualify for a loan with us. All we need is enough evidence proving you are able to pay back the loan you applied for. 

Our loans are unsecured. No collateral is needed for you to get a loan with us. Our entire loan is based on lender client trust.


How to Apply for Bad Credit Loans in Ontario

Even though a bad credit loan in Ontario doesn’t have a lot of requirements, some documents are necessary during the application. These documents help to prove your identity and your ability to repay the loan. They include:

Photo identity

Photo identity proves that the borrower is who they claim to be. Photo identity helps us protect clients from identity theft.

Bank statement and pay stubs for the last three months

An active bank account and a source of income are necessary for your loan to be approved. Pay stubs have the employment details of the borrower. Borrowers are supposed to be employed for the last three months prior to application.

Current residence

A borrower’s address can be proved by presenting your rental agreement, utility bill, or housing benefit entitlement. Borrowers should have lived at the address for three months before applying for a loan.

Loan application involves filling out forms that are readily available on our website. Verification will take a few minutes once you have shared with us the above-mentioned documents. 

Sign the Agreement

Once your details are verified, we will send you a loan agreement. Read the agreement carefully, sign it and send it back. Your funds will be directly deposited into your bank account ready to be used. We can provide bad credit loans in Ontario if you can meet these requirements.

Contact My Next Pay for your Bad Credit Loans in Ontario

At My Next Pay, we have 17 years of experience when dealing with bad credit loans. We are now available in Ontario, Canada. We work with companies in line with the Consumer Protection Bureau, and all the personal loans we make are 100% secure.

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